Simple ways to teach yourself how to code.

lee-campbell-106610Programming is one of the most vulnerable skills to learn in this new age. Whether for career prospects or if you want to stretch your brain and create something awesome out of scratch. Programming basically teaches you how to think. If you want to get into the journey of logical creativity and also want to earn some good bucks then.

Here are some few tips and resources to set you off on the flight.

1.Why do You want to Learn to Code?


Why do you want to learn code? Figure it out first. As you go down to this journey it will depend on why do you want to learn it at the first place. If want to be a professional programmer then, signing up for a college degree will be a good option in India basically, degrees like BCA, MCA, B.Sce-IT, B-TECH-CS. If you want to do some fun stuff with it in your spare time like making games, a simple software of your own kind, most probably you can earn with that also, then you can go for online tutorials courses,  there are a bunch of free learning websites out there. Check out here. These websites have a very interactive ways of teaching, you will learn it very quick if you’re kind of a techy guy.

Moving on to the next.

2. The programming language you want to learn.


Well, first of all, there is no best programming language, every language has some different capabilities, once you have learned one, it’s fairly easy to pick up another language, So, don’t worry about choosing your first language.(“main hu na”). That said, some languages are very beginner-friendly than others. The language you choose to start with might depend on your purpose. If you want to get into professional-level of programming then you should start with the C-Programming Language.(I will provide some links to some free pdf files, download it and learn step by step). After learning C go for C++ which is a bit same then go for python, one of the most popular languages of this time, you can make android apps using python. If want to learn Web Design and developing then skip that and learn HTML then CSS and the others, you will figure it out gradually.

1. C-programming Language PDF.

2.Problems related to C-Programming.

3.Learn Web Design and Developing.

It’s totally free guys and easy also.(“fokat ka gyan hei lelo”)

3.Start with simple and be patient.mpho-mojapelo-109897

Everything takes time. It will take some time for you to get into the flow but be patient Start with the basics. To take your first coding project from start to finish, break down the project into simple steps. And if one method of learning isn’t working for you (e.g., books), try another method before giving up. You may find it boring at first but soon you will get the taste of innovation and creation.

4. Play coding games.


Often the best way to learn is through games. While plenty of coding tutorials have you building simple or complex games yourself, a couple of teaching sites are literally games: Code Combat and CodinGame are two you might have fun with.

And the last (drum rolls….nah not really).

5. Hack someone else’s code.


When you reverse engineer someone else’s code, testing each line to see how it works, you get a better understanding of the big picture. Thanks to tons of open source code, you can learn just about anything—and keep learning through the incremental-hacking cycle. Just remember to share your code back with the community if you improve on a program.

I will be uploading more stuff. So stay tune.

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